Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day Friday 11:00am Update

(snow sucks, by the way)

For all the curious people who are planning to come to the Chuck presentation we at the ecovillage are dismayed by this weather. Some of us spent a good deal of time this morning trying to decide what to do. Cancel? Postpone? What about people who may show up anyways? We've come up with a couple solutions:

One way or another we'd like to thank you all for your interest. In the past week we've seen the website traffic QUADRUPLE, Our email box has been inundated with curious minds looking for new homes, We've had people who were once interested show renewed interest. Even if we can't pack the house for a big awsome presentation this time, I feel like we've achieved success!

For those comfortable with driving:

Chuck will still do the presentation! The new location is very near campus at Central Heights Church Click below for map.

be warm, drive safe. We'll see you there.

For those who'd like to take a pass:

1. Two more events happen this week that we'd love to invite you out to! Information below
2. Email us at and we will put you on a special notification list for our next presentation date and other events you might enjoy.

January 24 The "Not ready to be Seniors" Cohousing Presentation
Will cover alot of similar information, but will specifically focus on seniors issues. Families still welcome.
7:00 pm
Clearbrook Library
32320 George Ferguson Way, Abbottsford

January 28th Ten Mile Tasty Tour and Lunch
we'll tour The Yarrow Ecovillage in the morning, and then we'll make our way to the community school for a lunch featuring the ecovillage's fine organic produce and made entirely with local ingredients. In the afternoon we'll also share the slideshow presentation. Tickets are 20.00 for the tour and lunch. If you'd like to join us for the slideshow only portion only please contact us so we can arrange that.

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