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Nutshells and Niblets Community Bulletin # 33 February 2012 2012

Nutshells and Niblets Community BULLETIN # 33 January 2012
Ann's personal and highly biased view of the village... HIJACKED lovingly by Vivian....!


What can I tell you? I like writing the newsletter!

And We've had quite a month here, so much I won't be able to tell you everything. You'll have to come for tea if you want the whole scoop!

Welcome to Lea and Greg.

Lea and Greg started coming around last year. Lea would come out and garden, or offer to drive someone somewhere. Greg would come ask hard questions about the legal structure around here... that sort of stuff. Just after New Year's Eve, Lea and Greg called and asked if they could bring over a cheque. After completing all of the steps to come here, they've decided to call Groundswell home. (Extra exciting for me because they'll be in my building!)

More welcomes to come. Several neighbours are very close to completing their process. And it takes time to come here. We like to get to know you. We like to help you feel comfy here.

Last Chance to make Changes
February 25th from 4:00 until the bonfire starts we've invited anyone (you too!) who is seriously considering purchasing a home in Grounsdwell cohousing to have final input in the direction of the next phase of building. Do we build everything out at once? Or do we finish one building at a time? What about the customizations? They cost money- is it worth it? Which units do people really want? This is it folks. I can tell you the end is near.... The biggest decision to follow will be what colour my hammock should be! If you'd like to come, just RSVP here

Ten Mile Tasty Tour!

What a success!

Shauna ran a kitchen team that helped chop and stir an amazing Ten Mile Lunch.

Ingrid and her daughter Natalie headed up the location logistics for setting the tables and running a smooth show.

We had Neighbours in Waiting, and even Neighbours in Limbo come out to set up and serve food.

In the end, about 50 of us sat down to a quiet, heavenly lunch. In January! A week after a snow storm! We FEASTED on roasted squash soup, eggs from Highland Hens (a neighbour donated 20 dozen eggs to our event!) made the base for two quiche cakes.

The highlight for me was the green salad. Nevin was able to harvest more than enough greens for the feast! Imagine! Fresh Organic Greens picked that janary morning!

The Not-Ready-To-Be-Seniors are Ready to Meet!

They tell me I have to be at least 50 to join in. If I put baby powder in my hair do you think they'll let me? Ingrid Jones here at the village will be hosting a Seniors Study Group. But. I'm assured. They aren't really seniors... yet.

So who are these folks? Older than me, but not OLD. Ready to age, but not
AGE-ED. We talk about how to talk about this study group an awful lot. My best description is that it is a group of people looking forward the golden years with a deep respect for the fact that they may not be able to halt aging, but they can set themselves up for success. Many of them have watched their own parents go through their golden years and want to make changes to their own experience of aging. What is the right word? Graceful aging? Assertive Aging? If you have ideas please let me know! And if you'd like to join the study group and really look at your own future in a safe and supportive environment please join in! We always have room for one more. (Unless you have three kids under six. Apparently I have to wait a few years!) Ten Weeks Starting Feb 8th. $100.00 per person.


We get Grass Paving! And Solar Hot Water in the common house! Path Lighting and so many other goodies. We can share them with you when you next come for tea! What I want to tell you about mostly was the process by which we effectively made the decisions as a group. In was sort of like a game on The Price Is Right. Chuck would hold up two cards with different features on them. Together we'd discuss the merits of each, at which point we'd choose one over the other. Then the next card would be introduced, and we'd have to decide how far up the list we wanted to move that new item. As we went through our pile of cards it became apparent which items mattered to the whole, and which items we'd have to let go of. So much thought and soul went into each of our choices. We'd get especially serious every time a feature threatened to over take the Hot Tub on the features list. In the end, the Hot Tub was number 7. Some things made it over because they have to be done during development, other things are just important to us. The list? I've put it up in our new showroom for you to come and see!

What was your Name again?

There is a funny thing going on as our village fills. We seem to be collecting two of every name! We have two Eli's, two Paul's, two Sophia's, three Alan's... many names are similar enough that they sound the same when said quickly like Cheryl and Cher... Or Julia and Julian. Regardless. We all still need our own name tags. And consensus cards for meetings. It has occurred to Ann and Cheryl that they did too nice a job on the first set that they made last year because now they'll be busy making more for all these new people who've been joining us!

Fresh Organic Veggies for 20.00 per week all summer long?

The Yarrow Ecovillage farmers are pleased to have their CSA ready to go. We love CSA pick up day. Not only because of the rubbermaid full of fresh veggies, but also because of the smiling faces that come down our long drive to say hi. If you are interested please take a look:

Events Coming to an Ecovillage near you!

We have a lot of fun around here, and we'd like to invite you to join us. We're busily working out a schedule for some fun things this summer. Check the events listings on our website in the next couple weeks for all sorts of workshops and open houses for you to come out and enjoy!


I don't have a poem,
and so I'll make up one.
'bout a pretty little place to live that
is so full of fun.

But work we must- and work I do
happy as a peach.
For in the kind of work leaves little left to reach.

Okay... Ann's poems were much better!
Over and ... out!

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