Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Tonight's Community supper was a treat!

We usually all crowd into our makeshift community dining hall. We've got some heaters and lights and enough chairs and table to 'almost' have enough room. To be honest, it gets a little loud and cold in there. I think it's on purpose so we don't loose our motivation to get our common house built.

Tonight we did something different. Some of us cooked, and some of us were guests. The idea is used in communities quite often to encourage more one on one time with community members that wouldn't normally get a chance to see each other. With my husband out of town and three young kids I wasn't fussed about going out tonight- so I said I'd host.

As supper time arrived I found myself wondering who was cooking and thinking about the barn, and the rain. Suddenly I remembered I was cooking! In a mad scramble I got the kitchen under 'somewhat' control and fished around in the fridge.

It turned out to be take out. On my way home from picking my son up, we stopped for two pies... chees for the kids, and garlic vegetarian for me and my surprise guest.

We got home to Cheryl! Sitting on our couch waiting for us. (The coordinator of the evening had passed her the message that I was running late.) We experimented with children's manors which my children seem to have lost somewhere) and we even had HALLOWEEN CANDY for desert.

Cheryl helped with dishes, we played a racing game to clean up the toys, and as I type this Cheryl is enjoying my kids whilst reading the bedtime stories. a treat for both of us.

After a five day spurt of having my husband away I feel so lucky to be here. My day began at 6:45 when the toilet backed up. From there the following:

1. Joel stopped by to help with the toilet.
2.Ingrid popped by to drop off some paperwork and the giant coffee maker.
3. I bumped into Dorothy in the parking lot who offered to pick Paul up at the airport.
4. I borrowed Meg's printer, she poured me a splash of coffee
5. Joe decided he'd join me on a trip to Save on Foods in Abbottsford
6. A Chat with Maureen on the way home.
7. Met with Shayne and Cher for coffee while kids played
8. Shauna came over to discuss the Ten Mile Tour (almost sold out by the way!)
9. Dahlia stopped by to give a toy she was done with to by two year old (awwwww!)
10. Spoke with Julia about our sinlge mom week traumas
11. Had pizza with Cheryl... and my kids are getting stories.

In my previous life, I wonder how many people I would have seen in a day if Paul were away. My mom, maybe a car trip to a play park. Possibly one neighbour? One thing is for sure, I would have eaten supper alone with the kids. While that's nice sometimes too- options are really wonderful.

Thanks Cheryl!

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  1. HA! I missed when I went up to see Tam and Joel to ask about carrots! That's 12 points of effortless human contact in one day!