Sunday, January 22, 2012

Braved the Snow.

It was a tough day for those of us who'd worked so hard to bring together the Chuck presentation on cohousing. All week people assured me (from Edmonton originally) that the snow would melt. Only on thursday when they called another snow day for the schools did panic set in.

And of course, the disappointment. I'm speaking personally now, but the village as a whole was disappointed. All week long we received emails, phone calls and even the odd person who drove down the driveway looking for something they longed for. Don't get me wrong, I know the people who will end up here will find us on their own. I suppose what I wanted was the room full of people with a common vision. I wanted to see people smiling and excited all in one room together. I wanted to feel the success of the media attention we've been getting lately.

Silly really. But it was a lot of work. In the end the village was split. Some wanted to brave the snow and would not be deterred. Others were more sane, and cautious. We set out in two cars expecting that no one would be there. We were wrong.

The presentation went on. The room was not packed, but full enough to make me proud of our work. The roads held up for us, and we drove safely there and back without so much as a slippery spot.

And now ... The snow has almost melted away. Gone faster than it came.

At least now I can harvest my rosemary for the Ten Mile Lunch....

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