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Nutshell Niblets #32 December

Nutshells and Niblets Community BULLETIN # 32
Ann's personal and highly biased view of the village... HIJACKED lovingly by Vivian....!

Season’s Greetings to our friends and neighbors-in-waiting all around the world!

I imagine you must be wondering where Ann is? Was she kidnapped? Did this Vivian person actually tie her up and steal her Niblets?

Ann, as well as the rest of us in the village, have been totally focused, full of piss and vinegar, and doing some needed house-cleaning in the village. Sleeves rolled up, and nose to the grindstone. And WOW have we accomplished a lot, to get us all ready for the next building phase. We’re a spanking clean and ready to go. Ann is finishing up her appointed tasks and will be back to writing to you in the new year. ( I know she really misses it!) And in the meantime, I’m jumping into Ann’s boots.

I have so much to tell you!
The most important news is that we’re now ready and determined to find all our new villagers and finish the village --- all in one go.
If you have ever considered trying us out, January will be the time to reconnect.

We’re launching our campaign in January, with a series of events to welcome our old friends back - and new ones, too- for a look at the units we have available ( 14 remaining )
Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone I said this … If you’d like a sneak peek of our plans, write back to me with the password ‘excitement’ in the subject line and I’ll give you the inside poop! I know we've a lot of interested people who've been waiting for this stage.... a nailed-down timeline- the Commonhouse and the last of the homes.

Okay! I’m ready to crack some nuts!

Half Way There!

For a year and a half Paul and I wrestled the realities and the dreams. Wanting to come but ... What were we? ...Scared? ...Tethered? ... I'll never know really. I can tell you that one night early November Paul and I just sort of... Jumped. Maybe it was the first time we jumped together. It resulted in the fastest move to the West you have ever seen. We arrived for the Chuck Workshop November 13 with our first load of worldly goods. We went back for the kids, and slept in our new home November 20th.

And our move is significant because we are officially the half way point! We have 16 households living here! Imagine how much fun we're having! (and with two more pre-sold, that leaves 14 to go. Where's all these people come from all of a sudden? Come visit and we'll let them tell you!)

Ladies and Gentlemen... Mark your Calendars! We're making it easy for you to reconnect with the village this January. We are busy planning three big ones! (Four if you count the consensus training workshop that will be announced for February!)

Jan 20th- Cohousing presentation Chuck durrett is back for a presentation and we're going to pack the house. He'll be doing his slide show presentation based on his book ?............... If you haven't seen it yet be sure to mark the date and join us. If you have seen it why not bring a friend or two and help us fill the room? We only have fourteen units left to sell and we want to sell one to you! let's face it. We've got you on this special list because we are hopeful that you might be one of our neighbors. We don't want to be pushy. No one can decide to move you here but you. But we're hopeful. Does that make sense? I hope so.

Jan 21st- Chuck Workshop "prioritization" if you have any desire to live in the village now or down the road I highly reccommend you come out for this day with chuck. The opportunities for your input in the final design are drawing near to a close. This is one of the last chances to meet and work with chuck, with us. There will always be opportunities for changes and input along the way, but there is something special about the way the chuck workshops transpire that you might enjoy being a part of.

Jan 28th Ten Mile Tasty Tour. Volunteers needed! Now I know you have already had your tour so you might not want another one. This day we are trying something new. Well be selling tickets to a ten mile feast featuring our own farmers and other producers around yarrow. The meal will include a tour of the farms, the homes, and an overview of how we've managed to get here. You probably know al of that. But the food sounds good doesn't it? Well if you don't mind volunteering to help us clean, chop, and smile at new people I can sneak you in for a free lunch! What a good deal for me! A chance to spend more time with you and free labour for the price of babette's fest! Did I hook you? If so give a me shout back and I'll get you on my V.A.P. List. (volunteers and other appreciated people list).

Stork Sightings! Did you know we have two new babies in the village? TWO. Sloan arrived to Linda and Jamie after a very hot summer, and Roman joined the Jongkind's shortly after in October. Babies love to be held. Just stop by and hold a ball of pure love any time. Both mother's appreciate the stolen moments of peace as much as we appreciate the chance to give it.

Strata- final stages. Maureen and Linda are scanning with loving and brutal eyes all of the documents we require to create the strata your new home will one day be a part of. This means that you, and all of us, will be able to legally own our homes, get a conventional mortgage, all those other things people need before they make such a large investment.

The farms. It seems quiet out there these days, but I had delicious greens for dinner last night from Om organic farms. Nevin had picked them earlier that day and showed up on my door step with a basket full of goodies for me to choose from. I chose a pound of thick flavourful greens and another of sweet cabbage leaves. I think I'll make cabbage rolls one night this week. It will have to be Friday because we have community dinners Tuesday through Thursday. What a hard life I have! See my recipe below. (I made them and ate them before I finished writing to you! They were very good!)

The front two forum. You may have heard that the front two acres of the property have been held for our dreams of a mixed use commercial sort of thing. (picture it! People walking to work, picking up fresh loaves of bread, markets all week long!) As we've reached the half way point in Groundswell Cohousing, we've realized we need to pay attention to how we are going to get there. We each know what we want to live next to, but we aren't certain exactly how we can get there. As a community there have been confusions and concerns that we just haven't had time to address. This is where Ann went. Ann and Alan have spent the last four months helping the village find a way to discuss the front two acres. All it's complexities and confusions. More and more every day we begin to walk in stride about this important challenge that lies ahead. It has taken hours and hours to get here. Many people have pressed themselves, and challenged themselves to listen, and speak. As an away neighbor, it was very stressful to watch. Now that we live here it inspires me to see the group work together to be the best we all can be.

The Deli. The Deli held a presentation for the community. It tasted great! We got an overview of the history of The Deli, we got a glimpse of where they want to go next. It is a lofty goal. I picture a buyers coop, with a variety of produce and a cafe where I can meet people, and sit for hours watching the world go by. I am impressed by the energy and the love these people have for their vision, and I believe they'll get there. I can't wait to watch them succeed! I hope they make scads of money. I hope they enjoy every second of the journey. Try the Angel Kiss Belgian White Chocolate Cranberry Spice Fudge. On sale thursday, a perfect stocking stuffer! (My stocking is on the left!)

Christmas. need I say more? The lights are going up, trees are being trimmed. Doors will soon be decorated for unsuspecting neighbours by eager Groundswell children. (Shhh! It's a surprise!). My family is heading back for a third load of worldly goods (and to say good bye to friends we literally abandoned in the middle of the night) so I haven't got much in the way of Christmas going on at my house. You know? I don't miss it. Christmas is all around us. We get to look at Ken's lit house and we helped decorate the Jongkind's tree. Every time I pop in to neighbors I am regaled by stories of what Christmas traditions they keep and dreams for traditions we can start one day together for our Commonhouse. Best of all? With no tree to knock over, I have high hopes for my own stress-free Christmas. One way or another, I'll enjoy the break, the food, and my friends old and new.

Whatever Christmas means for you and yours, may it be a merry one. And let's get together in January. See you then?

Over and out. (That's Ken House all lit up!)

Vivian's multigrain cabbage rolls with curry sauce

Leaves of fresh cabbage grown with love
1cup brown rice cooked
1cup lentils cooked
1 cup red rice cooked
1 cup black beans cooked

(The above are cooked measurements, but I just cook them all together. If you end up with four cups of any mixture of grains and lentils you'll enjoy the finished product.)

1pm ground meat if you'd like


Dice an onion, three tomatoes, some garlic, ginger, and haram masala
Fry into a slop in oil.
Add fresh chopped cilantro and a can of crushed tomatoes.
Simmer while you make the rolls up. Before you begin placing the rolls in the casserole splash some into the bottom.

Steam the cabbage leaves until you can easily bend them.
Dump them in a pot of ice water and salt.
Mix the above lentils and grains with salt, pepper, cumin, and turmeric to taste
Place a leaf in front of you on a cutting board.
Add a scoop of lentil mixture
Fold in edges first, then roll.
Place in a greased casserole dish with a small amount of the curry sauce in the bottom
Every time you complete a layer of rolls, ad more sauce to the casserole

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Enjoy

Merry Christmas!

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