Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bedtime Story by Ben

"Mommy," says the four year old boy from under his Grandma made dinosaur quilt.

"Yes Ben?" I'm already working on the presentation I have to give tomorrow in my head as I cuddle my kids goodnight.

"Now I want to tell YOU a bedtime story. From my head."

All I feel is lucky. Lucky and a little bit guilty that I'm working in my head instead of being in the moment. I snap back into place, "Oh! Good! I can't wait." I close my eyes and really listen.

"Once upon a time... In a land all the way on the other side of this planet... there was a village. And it had many many... zoos. And many many transformers. And many many dinosaurs that were mostly longnecks."

As he tells the story he begins to sit up until he is towering above me with a sparkle in his eyes. I just watch him with a smile on my face while he continues, "and they all had lot's and lot's of community dinners! Every night!"

"And was there a circus Ben?" my six year old asks from the other side of me. Each in their own bed, but sharing a room.

"Yeah!" Ben's eyes gleam, "A circus comes... every twenty days! And they come to community dinner too."

It's quiet for a bit. Ben settles back down in his covers.

"You forgot to say The End Ben." Sophie reminds him with her big sister voice.

"Oh Yeah. Right. The End."

I'd like to tell you that they then drifted off to sleep while I sang their favorite lullaby. The reality is they asked for water, got up to go to the bathroom, begged for a lullaby, argued over the lyrics, and I ended up counting to three and removing myself from the room with the threat of my return for a time out.

Not every moment in parenting is bliss. I guess that's why the part of the story where everyone from the land on the other side of the planet get to go to community dinners was such a wonderful treat for me. It was a little clue from my son that he is happy here. Long necks, transformers, impatient moms, and all.

That's all I have. Back to that presentation for tomorrow's meeting!

Sweet Dreams...

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