Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ask Five Ecovillagers Question 1

Hello out there! I greet you from my comfortable Poang Chair from Ikea. A cup of tea is getting cold beside me as I get a few things sorted out online. I've done all my work for the night and so I get to do something I have been waiting to do for a very long time...

Introducing my very own "Blog Segment". The idea of this Blog was that it would be a mixture of several voices. Ann, the first blogger wanted to engage many people from Groundswell Cohousing to write about their different lives here. The thought was that we could show the world how many different people live here. The truth of the matter is that my neighbours are all pretty busy planning and enjoying our community. While they'd like to write regular Blog posts they don't have time. And so I thought it would be nice to give people an easier way to have a voice here.

Ask Five Ecovillagers will run a random question that I've personally been asked past five random neighbours. Here's hoping you'll enjoy the responses. And hey! If you have a question you'd like asked please send it in. Just use the contact us button and forward the question ATTENTION VIVIAN.

Drum roll please....

Five Random Ecovillagers were asked;

How are you schooling your Children?

1. I don't have school age children however I am a supporter of the public school system.

2. I am homeschooling. I had been working as a teacher and enjoy being with children a lot. When my son indicated that he was not ready to go to school, we decided to teach him at home. It has been going well for us. Our younger children have also enjoyed the educational exposure.

3. My 6 year old is goes to Yarrow Elementary School. It is a nice little school, and I love that we can walk there each morning. It is nice to feel that we are getting to know some of our neighbours who don't live at the ecovillage, too.

4. No Kidlets... yet :)

5. I like the idea of home schooling but I have no patience for it; I'd end up eating my young.

If you have a question you would like us to ask five random ecovillagers please email it through our contact us button and stay tuned!

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