Monday, September 26, 2011

December Rental is rented!

This home has been rented! We look forward to getting to know our new- potential neighbours very soon!

For Rent December 2011

Wondering what it is like to live at the Yarrow Ecovillage? Here is an opportunity to rent a home at the Ecovillage for your winter holidays!

· Short-term rental only (for the entire or partial month of December).

· $1000/month includes all utilities/internet.
· Beautiful timber frame home with a gorgeous view of the farmland and Vedder Mountain.
· Fully furnished, 3 bedrooms, sleeps up to 7.
· Suitable for singles to families (includes toys for the kids).

Contact Tamara or Joel at 778 374-0321 or

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  1. Stunning photos! We now have three intentional communities in Milwaukee: an ecovillage, a yoga cooperative and an artist coopeartive. I just wrote about the latter:

    I look forward to reading more!